What are GPS Cell Phones?

Fads come and go. But when it comes to technology, every trend is a worthwhile experience.Take the case of mobile phones. From the plain call and text features, the cell phone industry has definitely gone a long way.Today, cell phones are made more innovative by applying technologically advanced applications such as GPS or Global Positioning System. Equipped with this remarkable device, cell phones can now operate beyond their basic functions.With the GPS system, cell phones can be used as a tracking device that enables people find the right places or even hunt down a relative or friend on his exact location.GPS or Global Positioning System is a device used to pin down people’s specific location anywhere on earth. The central hub of the system depends on “24 satellites” that move around the earth two times a day.The identification of certain locations was made possible using fully operational devices that includes a series of receivers and satellites.The information gathered by the satellites are being transformed back to the earth using exact timing indicators to receivers such as GPS cell phones. In this way, the hunted person’s exact location is identified based on altitude, latitude, and longitude measurements.Back then, the magnitude of GPS were only utilized in navigational purposes as well as for “land surveying,” and map-making. But since the proliferation of the new technology, the utilization of GPS has significantly increased.Today, GPS-enabled cell phones are being used beyond their usual features. With the help of GPS, people can now locate new addresses and navigate a new place without the difficulty of turning to your maps every now and then.With GPS, cell phones can demonstrate the exact areas where to turn right or left. Hence, the need for a true GPS tracking device is lessened as more and more cell phone companies are gradually employing the utilization of GPS.In fact, it was the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which had instructed various cell phone companies to equip their new mobile phone models with GPS “tracking mechanisms.” The agency said that with GPS-enabled cell phones, the user’s location could easily be tracked within 300 feet anyplace on earth.This proposal of the FCC had been based on cases where people are using their cell phones to call 911 during emergencies. FCC further explained that the utilization of GPS cell phones would expedite responses to any one who will need such assistance.However, the initial reactions of most cell phone companies is slightly on the negative side. They believe that using “GPS chips” will only add to the cost of each product. Today, cell phones are literally being given away free when purchased on regular mobile service plans.Nevertheless, the probability of earning additional incomes were seen by other cell phone companies. They know how information-hungry people are nowadays ever since the Internet technology had dominated the communications industry.Even if it means egotistical commercial gains, most cell phone companies believe that the utilization of GPS cell phones are important in today’s modern world.One of the probable profits that the commercial market can gain is the distribution of graphical advertisements on mobile phones with the help of GPS. Hence, it is not surprising if one day, your cell phones will turn into small posters or advertisements notifying you of the latest event in town.Indeed, with the introduction of GPS cell phone in the market today, people will have to change their units again just to cope up with the ever-changing world of the communication industry.From 3G or the third generation technology to GPS, cell phones have definitely gone a long way since it was created for a simple call. With these features in your phones, what more can you ask for?

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